Asante (Pre-school) Notices

Show-N-Tell is HERE!

This just in … Its time to Get ready for SHOW-N-TELL!!!!  WOOHOO!!! Show-n-tell Mondays continues tomorrow Monday, January 24th, and continues every Monday thereafter. The first letter is:  Pp

*Please send in an item with your Mtoto that begins with the letter of the week. Try and discuss with them what the item is and the beginning sound of the item. Each Mtoto will present their items in front of their classmates and explain their item.*

ALSO!!!! Please remember to send in KUUMBA wear (arts and crafts cloths, a smock/apron/long tee-shirt) to stay at school for their upcoming Kuumba classes.

Phrases to go over with your Mtoto in preparation for Show-n-tell Mondays:

“Jambo everybody! My name is ____________. I am ___________ years old, and I have a show-n-tell. My show-n-tell is __________________.”

Peace, Love and Light!
Akua Allrich

Upcoming Projects

“All About My Family” – due end of March.  Start collecting pictures etc now.

Asante Parent Checklist (please label all of your mtoto’s belongings)

  • Complete change of clothes (please include socks)
  • Naptime bedding
  • Ready to eat lunch in a sealable cloth-based lunch bag
  • Baby wipes
  • Small box of nose tissues
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Smock/long tee-shirt for Kuumba (arts and crafts)